Moving into 2018 there will be lots of changes around here! We plan to create a lot more content and step away from regular commissions. That means more videos, streams, articles, 3d print files, and probably a few crazy ramblings. We want to know where to concentrate our efforts. So let us know what you think!

Content Type
We plan to do a lot more content in 2018 and would love to hear from you guys and see what you prefer. We need to know where to put our efforts.
Prefered Type of Support
We have not earned your support, but we hope to this year! We will be concentrating on 3D print files, website articles/tutorials, and video/streaming content. We have plans to release regular 3D files as well as other additional content to our supporters. Which method do you prefer when supporting creators you follow?
Streaming Schedule
We are planning to do more streaming of Fusion 360 and other design software in 2018. However, it gets lonely and the chat bots don't laugh at Jonathan's lame jokes. So let us know when you are available and interested in seeing us stream! Note: we are in Central Time US (-6 GMT)
Pricing for 3D files
How much is a well crafted, accurate and tested 3D print file for a prop worth to you?
Need a prop that you can't find anywhere else? Want to laugh at Jon while he desperately attempts to learn organic modeling software? Let us know so we can plan for the upcoming months!
Want to make Jon finally learn arduino programing? Back in his day they learn how to directly program Atmel chips without fancy libraries. Want to hear him go on for days about various plastic types or cover basic circuit design? He does have a pile of student loans and one and a half degrees in engineering. Help him justify those payments and the 5 years it took to get them! Let us know what you'd like to see us cover and go in depth on!