How to use EVA Foam Scales

Metal scales are great! They have lots of advantages but foam does as well. So we have decided to make laser cut foam scales available in our store. This can save you a lot of time on a project and get some unique looks.

Foam scales can be treated just like other foam projects and glue to items using barge or hot glue. We have also worked out a new method for attaching them to fabric specifically. We recommend Super 80 spray cement for this. It is designed to attach fabric to foam for headliners in cars. It penetrates the fabric and can stiffen it slightly but it creates a very strong hold on the foam. They can also be sewn in but we don't do much sewing around here so not sure of the best methods yet. 

As for painting, Our method of painting involves a base coat of Pledge Floor Care which acts as a sealer and dries very flexible. We either use Rub N Buff or airbrush light coats of acrylic onto the piece to add color. You can hand paint acrylic onto the piece but keep the coats light. The floor wax is acrylic based but normal acrylic paint can crack if its goes on too thick. You can also mix it directly into the floor wax and paint that on. A few final coats of the floor wax will seal the paint in and leave it nice and flexible but it does have a glossy finish to it.

If you are interested in our foam scales then check them out here. We have also produced several videos on the subject so check those out so you can see the process. Let us know what cool projects you come up with for them!